Friday, April 25, 2014

Ezra Smith Revision Milestone #3

MILESTONE #3 Revision
Tarson, his race has gray-ash colored skin. Super strong and fast, in his early 20s. He is not very tall, yet. His race keeps growing throughout their life. He is one of the antagonist of the story, a thug.

Ezra Smith Revisions and Milestone #4

Milestone #1 Revisions
Wax, The main character in his "Mistcoat" described as a thick collared jacket as long as a duster with the bottom comprised of thick strips of cloth starting at the waist.
Wayne, he other main character or sidekick

Milestone #3 Revision/Addition
Head study of one of the female characters

Not sure how I forgot to post these.
Small two-shooter gun

 Random prop ideas from canes to cigar boxes.
 More gun ideas, the main character uses about 6 different ones throughout the book.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Ezra Smith - Website link

Chelsea Dalton: Website Link

Wesley Tippetts - Final Stuff

My new, minimalist Tumblr page.  It's blank because honestly I'm still trying to decide what to post up to it.

Tumblr header images I painted, but rejected:
Started out happy with this...then I realized the knight inadvertently looked EXACTLY like one of the characters from League of Legends.  I slammed my head on the desk.
For the second attempt, I decided to paint up the warrior design I did back in Dave McClellan's class last semester, but leave it a 3/4 headshot against the pure white background.  I didn't get very far until I hated it too.
This was supposed to a profile image of me sitting on a robot with smoke in the background in afternoon lighting.  I chickened out.  I MIGHT come back to this in the future...but who knows.  I'm tired.

- - - - 

Work from this semester:

Amidst everything, I decided to enter a Blizzard fan art contest with the hope of winning a trip to Irvine and blah blah blah.  Here's my entry:

The dark seraphim still isn't finished yet.  I have some ideas for where I wanna take his design...I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  Here's a reference/inspiration/style page thing for when I DO get around to his design.

These are obviously unfinished.  My goal is to try the "print and draw" method again.

- - - -

Here was a my portfolio plan, which turned out to be WAAAAY more lofty than I thought.

Design/development for 4 classes of Dagah:
   -Spear Warrior
   -Chakram Girl
Weapon iterations and spell designs:
   -Summoner Magic blast
   -Summoner spirit design
Enemy designs:
   -Shadow Hewn (As many iterations I can churn out before my skull explodes)
   -Dark Seraphim
   -Shadow beasts
   -Environmental elements.  In other words buildings, towers, mountains as well as room population (torches, crates, wagons, barrels)

Armor iteration and break-down for production pipeline

Josh Cotton portfoliostuffs

Esther Chao - Website

Jeff Harvey Portfolio

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Creative Environment Design

Will Terry and Jake Parker apparently have a Creative Environment Design course available. It's a $100, 5- week live course (with non-live course options- links to videos) from april 8th - may 6th.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Andrew Putnam - Final: A Web on the Web

For my "final" or improved online presence, I decided to revamp my website. I was using Wix at the time, but the url was complicated and i didn't like the format as much, so now i'm trying out Weebly. When i found out that even after i did everything i could to make it searchable on the internet, it still couldn't be found on google, i decided to supplement it and linked it to other online presences i already had established (Pintrest, Linkedin and Instagram) and link all of those to each other as well. In addition, after i heard some talk about Tumblr, i created a tumblr account to start accruing followers and hopefully drive them all towards my portfolio for more web traffic. Please, visit my website.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

More Resources!

This is probably late, but nevertheless helpful for future costume reference. This is put together by the girl that did all the historically accurate disney princess costumes. It's a bunch of links to resources (books and sites) that can make finding historical costuming info less daunting.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Garrett Hamon - Milestone 5

Wesley Tippetts - MILESTONE 5 (For Now)

Chelsea- Milestone 5- Character Expression Studies

Ezra Smith: Milestone 5

Ryan Nimtz: Milestone 3 Revisions

Update 4/18:

Here's the finished version of the other character for this milestone.

Went in and fixed the perspective with his legs.

This is the second character I wanted to submit for Milestone 3, but because of the CA trip I wasn't able to get it done in time.  I have no idea why Blogger is darkening this picture the way it is.  But a finished, color version will be uploaded soon.

Jeff Harvey Milestone 5

Ryan Nimtz: Milestone 5

Alternate costume designs.  They're not quite so detailed for now.  But I'll get them looking nicer before the end of finals.

This guy is the main character.  I've ben working on his design in Justin's other class.  But he needed another outfit, so I decided to do that in this class.