Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wesley Tippetts - Final Stuff

My new, minimalist Tumblr page.  It's blank because honestly I'm still trying to decide what to post up to it.

Tumblr header images I painted, but rejected:
Started out happy with this...then I realized the knight inadvertently looked EXACTLY like one of the characters from League of Legends.  I slammed my head on the desk.
For the second attempt, I decided to paint up the warrior design I did back in Dave McClellan's class last semester, but leave it a 3/4 headshot against the pure white background.  I didn't get very far until I hated it too.
This was supposed to a profile image of me sitting on a robot with smoke in the background in afternoon lighting.  I chickened out.  I MIGHT come back to this in the future...but who knows.  I'm tired.

- - - - 

Work from this semester:

Amidst everything, I decided to enter a Blizzard fan art contest with the hope of winning a trip to Irvine and blah blah blah.  Here's my entry:

The dark seraphim still isn't finished yet.  I have some ideas for where I wanna take his design...I just haven't gotten around to it yet.  Here's a reference/inspiration/style page thing for when I DO get around to his design.

These are obviously unfinished.  My goal is to try the "print and draw" method again.

- - - -

Here was a my portfolio plan, which turned out to be WAAAAY more lofty than I thought.

Design/development for 4 classes of Dagah:
   -Spear Warrior
   -Chakram Girl
Weapon iterations and spell designs:
   -Summoner Magic blast
   -Summoner spirit design
Enemy designs:
   -Shadow Hewn (As many iterations I can churn out before my skull explodes)
   -Dark Seraphim
   -Shadow beasts
   -Environmental elements.  In other words buildings, towers, mountains as well as room population (torches, crates, wagons, barrels)

Armor iteration and break-down for production pipeline

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