Monday, March 31, 2014

Creature (Kaiju) Design Competition

It'll be judged by Terryl Whitlach and submissions are due on the facebook page by May 12th. They haven't announced the prizes for this particular competition, but they ended up putting all the submissions into a book for the last one and the grand prize winner got a signed copy of Creatures: Real and Imagined, (possibly a cash prize) and an hour of skype time with terryl to look over your portfolio and whatnot. You can do it in whatever medium you want.

This time it's specifically for Kaiju designs (Colossal dinosaur-like monsters that were fought by robots in the Film Pacific Rim).

Andrew Putnam - Milestone 5

So for this milestone i'm doing two more forms that Bartimaeus can take. Ptolemy is the master that he holds the most respect for.  He is from Egypt and cousin to the pharaoh-to-be.

The other is a messenger imp. a lowly demon used to relay messages.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Esther Chao - Milestone 4

Count Victor (of Moltovia)

-Described in the book as having thin, "hawk-like features" and a hooked nose.
-He is a very young Count, who in the book first appears disguised as a traveling monk in order to get into Bellingar (the King of Vinland's) castle, because King Theodo rejects all audiences with emissaries from Moltovia. He then attempts to negotiate to buy Prince Florin and King Philip's freedom (his offer is rejected).

Prince Florin (of Moltovia)

-The 12-13 year-old prince of Moltovia
-He was carefree and happy training with his friends in the Royal School of Knighthood, and was foolishly all too eager to rush to the court of Bellingar at the news of a peace treaty.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Milestone 2 Revisions

So I'll just be putting everything I redo for this milestone in this post from now until the end of the semester.

Just some expressions for my slightly redesigned mermaid-ish girl.  More coming soon.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Wesley Tippetts - Milestone 3

Here's my milestone 3.  This is the reason why I've gotten behind.  I thought it'd be cool to enter the Diablo 3 Fan Art competition and try to win a chance to go to Blizzard........but Midterms happened and I'm the world's slowest painter and could clean it up in time.  So looks like unpolished garbage...but I tried.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Josh Cotton Milestone 3 (Unfinished)

Jeff Harvey Milestone 3

Chelsea-Milestone 3

Annabella: Old woman of the town who lives deep in the woods by herself. She is a little crazy but has a good heart. She Kira's mentor and teaches her the art of dying threads different colors for weaving.

Character lineup so far. 

Ezra Smith Milestone 3: ish

One day I will finish an assignment before it is due.

Andrew Putnam - milestone 3

Ryan Nimtz: Milestone far...

So I came up with the concept for this guy back in the Fall and did a face sketch.  I liked it, so his face hasn't changed much since then.

So I didn't get to the other character I was going to design because of the California trip.  But I will get it done before the semester's over (ideally within the next week, but we'll see).

Esther Chao - Milestone 3

 Radbod (of Moltovia)

Some notes about his character:
-part of the Royal School of Knighthood (which was made specifically for Prince Florin to have other young people to train with)
- less threatening (in the story he ends up in a hole digging tunnels for sabotage against Vinland)
-small/"short for his age," "slender"
-frail, "tousled, fair hair, thin, earnest face"
-called a "babe in arms" by his teacher
-best friend of Florin

Senna (of Moltovia)

-also part of the Royal School of Knighthood
-a little older than the rest of the group
-tall, fighter, guardian (wants to succeed Prince Florin's current personal bodyguard)
-already looks like/is as tall and broad shouldered as his father
-in the story, he ends up being one of the first who meet with Prince Florin secretly to plan for his escape