Monday, February 10, 2014

Jeff Harvey Milestone 1--Composition thumbnails


  1. These are great thumbnails! I really like the compositions in them and how you split up your values very clearly. Excited to see what you come up with from these.

  2. I really like how you broke the thumbnails down to a limited number of values. The shapes are really interesting. I like how you explored lots of different angles.

  3. Wow jeff... you've been busy. these are fantastic. I remember how you mentioned in digital 2 that environments weren't really your thing, and i must say: congratulations for tackling so many environments this semester. If you were looking for suggestions for direction here are the ones that strike my fancy:
    The Graveyard: 7, 9, 10, 11
    The Farm: 4, 6, 10
    The Homestead: 3, 10, 12
    The Slaughterhouse... thingy: 10, 12

  4. Dude these thumbs are awesome. I don't really have any critique, My favorite is top box number eleven with the the light coming through the trees and the grave stones.

  5. I'm liking the variety.

    For the graveyard, I think I would like some kind of inbetween of 8 and 10 the best.
    For the farmland, it's either 1 or 10, and I think it all depends on what you want the mood to be. 1 kind of makes you want to look out towards the right, indicating progression, and 10 wants you to look to the left, so whichever one fits the mood better.
    For the homestead, I guess it al depends on the mood. If you want the house to look imposing, like it's all important, keep it in the center, but if you want another mood, go for more dynamic positions. I just wouldn't make the composition symmetrical.

  6. If these are for establishing shots and will turn in production paintings, widen the frame. Go widescreen.

    My only other critiques are to keep pushing the perspective, try to keep in mind the story and mood you're trying to create with each shot (foreboading, peaceful etc.) and avoid symmetry (don't have one tree to the left that's the same size and position as a tree to the right side)

  7. Good exploration of locations using value to create distinct layers of space and to suggest distance. Figuring out the value relationships in a composition is an important part of creating mood and visual interest in an environment design. With a building, sometimes it works to pull back a bit more and show more of the surroundings.