Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Josh Cotton Milestone 1: Horned Snake, Sinauf coming soon!


  1. Josh, this is fantastic! i love how you have such a solid understanding of animal anatomy. were you aware of a creature design contest that has come and gone, but will most likely repeat itself next year? the 1st place prize was a signed copy of Terryl Whitlach's "Creatures Real and Imagined" and the opportunity to talk with her and review your portfolio or something for an hour-ish? it was put on by helpful bear productions (https://www.facebook.com/HelpfulBearProd?ref=ts&fref=ts). Anyways, back to the critique. I can understand why you didn't design the rest of the body, but it would be fun to see what the rest of him looks like. I'm not sure if this was a conscious decision or not, but that bump halfway through the horn looks odd to me, personally, but i'm sure you've done all the research on horns and there's reason for it.

    1. Thanks Andrew, I hadn't heard of that contest! She's one of my heroes, I'll have to check it out. By the bump halfway through the horn, do you mean where the spiral starts on the top edge of the long horn? I suppose that does feel a bit odd. I'll either shave it off or add some texture to "own it" next chance I get.

  2. solid sculpt. i'm losing his eye though. when i squint i lose it completely. any way you can make it stand out more?

  3. Hi Wes! Potentially . . . yeah, it's kind of getting lost in that recess there

  4. Great stuff—good design, anatomy, color, texture, action, emotion... Moar! Moar! The only awkward thing is how the neck abruptly ends. Maybe you can fade it out in the rendering so it looks more like a head study instead of like the head has been cut off. Looking forward to seeing the other character finished too.