Monday, February 10, 2014

Garrett Hamon - Milestone 1

Milestone 1: 
Warrior avatar toon colored
20 Armor thumbs


  1. Garrett, these are great! I like the simple coloring style you chose to use for your warrior, it really does look inspired by your influence map. I like the thumbnails of armor too. One thing I'd suggest is, since this sounds more like a fantasy type of game, you could probably go with designs that are more like the ones on the top right (of the thumbnails). I like the silhouettes that the armors make there. The stuff poking out if fun.

  2. The shape of your character is really fun and the costume designs you are working on will create a really interesting silhouette. My only suggestion would be to play with his hands a little bit to create a more interesting shape. So far everything looks great!

  3. Alright, so I like the weirdness of the silhouette on your character and the armor thumbnails are awesome. I think you may be venturing a little too far with the proportions of the guy, though. I guess I don't really have this world in my head, but I think for a mobile game, you're going to want to exaggerate characters in such a way that their faces are easier to read. This guy looks about 9 heads tall, and the lack of any definition in his arms or legs kind of makes him a little creepy. He reminds me of one of the colossi from Shadow of the Colossus.

    I think this design would work a lot more if it were in a really weird kind of graphic novel.

    Mr. Incredible is an example of a character design with a bigger upper body that ends up working really well, and I think it's because of the way they control widths, and because of his head size in relation to his out-of-proportion body. I hope this all makes sense...

  4. The costume looks really nice, but I agree with Ryan, my first thought is his overall shape. He's pretty far from being human, so much so that it's a little off-putting. You may have tried it, but maybe butting his hips higher, that would create a better relationship between his arms and legs and make him more believable.

    That first page of costume drawings, I like the way that top right costume is headed.

  5. I don't get his proportions. Small head, huge torso to me should read as "brute" and yet he still has narpy skinny arms. He has small, delicate hands and feet. If he's a warrior, add more muscle tone. Give him a tougher, more menacing pose. Make his hands a LOT bigger. I'm not sure what read you're going for, but those are my initial thoughts.

    The armor variations look great. Just remember the silhouette. Maybe through a splash of tone against the white to see how they read.

  6. Great exploration shape & silhouettes. Looking forward to seeing some of these developed to finished designs.