Monday, February 10, 2014

Ryan Nimtz: Milestone 1

Update: Here's a bigger assortment of color comps for the girl.

So my Milestone 1 is designing two characters and putting them in a few different poses, like for a character sheet.  The first two characters are the main character's ghost girl companion and the Viking civilization's king.

Not completely done with these color comps.  I'll get them done very soon, and then slap on the colors I decide are the best.

No color comps for this guy yet, but they shouldn't be as hard as the ghost girl.


  1. These look pretty cool Ryan! they are really fun, unique characters. I would say however that if you want to create these for a modeler, you might want to make them in an actual T-pose... or rather a more relaxed t-pose with arms at an angle downwards. These modeling sheets are less interesting pose-wise but thats just how it rolls. Also in your front view of the viking king his chest seems awkwardly small compared to his side view, perspective view and all of your thumbnails. just broaden that chest and make him seem more manly!

  2. You have nice design elements in the woman, I especially like the flat hair yet it ha interesting shapes. I would keep tweaking the colors, they all seem to have colors that conflict for dominance.

    Again, I like the simplicity of the guy and letting the line variation give it interest. He is less interesting than the girl however, which may be by design, I don't know. In the straight on pose his arms look a little wonky, like they have different sizes. And make sure the knee pads add up in every view you have him. But if you're only using the 3/4 view, he looks nice how he is.

    Nice poses, too.

  3. I'm enjoying the shapes going on in the man's profile. The ponytail and cape draping together combine to make a fun graphic statement. The sheepskin under his right arm feels a bit slapped on, though. It's fine to have there, but you might consider thinking the shape out a bit more. It doesn't feel like a "design choice" as much as an afterthought.

    The lady is fun, I really liked the silhouette with 4 arms/weapons. Does she grow the arms later in the story, or was that just an experiment?

  4. I guess I'll just go down the list.

    The silhouette studies are fine. If you're going to using negative space to to define shapes in the clothing, use a much bigger brush. Don't fuss over tight linework at that stage, it'll come later. Silhouette studies should be all about shape. Refer to ye ol' Skillful Huntsman book for that. We ALL made that mistake in Ryan Woodward's class when we did silhouette studies.

    For the color studies, I got distracted by the awkward pose. Maybe you should just put her in a boring t-pose and leave the action pose for the character painting. Anyways, I think the contrast is almost jarring. On some of them, her skin is almost pure black and her hair is highlighter orange. Consider bringing the colors closer in terms of value. If you're trying to go for super neon bright colors, that's fine but just lessen the overall contrast.

    The proportions for your character turn around look really strong, but then her head gets too big and her legs get too short in the action pose.

    For the male character, same issues as your previous silhouette study.

    For the turnaround, widen his hips. He has broad shoulders, but then it tapers in his chest so his looks like a teenager or young adult character. I think the bottom right silhouette you made should be the template you use.

    For the final image, good line weight. Just keep an eye on his left food, it kind of looks odd, like his ankle's rolling.

  5. Good exploration & designs. Would be good to see a finished rendering of one or both of the characters with some texture indication.