Sunday, March 23, 2014

Esther Chao - Milestone 4

Count Victor (of Moltovia)

-Described in the book as having thin, "hawk-like features" and a hooked nose.
-He is a very young Count, who in the book first appears disguised as a traveling monk in order to get into Bellingar (the King of Vinland's) castle, because King Theodo rejects all audiences with emissaries from Moltovia. He then attempts to negotiate to buy Prince Florin and King Philip's freedom (his offer is rejected).

Prince Florin (of Moltovia)

-The 12-13 year-old prince of Moltovia
-He was carefree and happy training with his friends in the Royal School of Knighthood, and was foolishly all too eager to rush to the court of Bellingar at the news of a peace treaty.

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  1. I'm liking the prince's clothes. The way you've distributed the reds throughout the outfit helps the eye flow through, and keeping the white portions to the upper body help the contrast.
    Again, though, you're kind of running into the samey faces problem. Pretty much everyone you've designed so far has skinny faces with pretty big eyes. I know it's kind of anime-inspired, but I think to make your characters stand out, you really need to break out of the formula you're using when designing faces. Think of what your characters would look like if they were all lined up. Compare it to this:

    They did a really good job of varying all the characters' silhouettes and shapes so that you could instantly tell who was who. Just put that into consideration.

    I think you nailed the monk look for the other character, but you need to have something to make him look special. Also, based on your description, it seems like he's only dressed like a monk for a short time. I would consider designing him as he normally dresses. Or at least show his face while in monk attire.

    I think things are going in a good direction, but I think you need to vary things up.