Monday, March 3, 2014

Esther Chao - Milestone 3 Roughs

Radbod (of Moltovia)
Some notes about his character:
-part of the Royal School of Knighthood (which was made specifically for Prince Florin to have other young people to train with)
- less threatening (in the story he ends up in a hole digging tunnels for sabotage against Vinland)
-small/"short for his age," "slender"
-frail, "tousled, fair hair, thin, earnest face"
-called a "babe in arms" by his teacher
-best friend of Florin

Senna (of Moltovia)
-also part of the Royal School of Knighthood
-a little older than the rest of the group
-tall, fighter, guardian (wants to succeed Prince Florin's current personal bodyguard)
-already looks like/is as tall and broad shouldered as his father
-in the story, he ends up being one of the first who meet with Prince Florin secretly to plan for his escape

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