Monday, March 24, 2014

Josh Cotton Milestone 4: Toad


  1. Josh, this guy looks amazing. The textures that you have on him are so great, and I love how you incorporated the clothing(?). I guess the only thing I can suggest about this is to make his arms just a little longer or something to make him a little more humanoid (maybe even a little more buffed up) and better able to hold his weapon, but at the same time, still keep them toad-like. For example, like his legs--they are definitely toad legs, but they have this human-like quality to them somehow. (Not sure if that made sense or if humanoid was even what you're going for, but I'm assuming that he's at least a little humanoid since he's wearing clothing and has a weapon,)
    Anyway, great job!

  2. Not too many complaints here. I am enjoying the contrast of the huge back and weapon with arms that support that toad-like feel (short and stubby). I also like the addition of the feathers and their size, to help us know how large toad really is. the only thing i'm unsure about is the blue wispy cloth thing around his waist. i cant really tell what the material is or why it's flaring out when nothing else is.

  3. like everyone who's commented so far, I'm really digging the textures you've got going, and the silhouette is really nice. The one thing I'm not believing right now is that he's holding onto that knife. His other "hand" doesn't seem to have any noticeable fingers, and they're much smaller than the handle of the knife. You may be going for the idea that it's just suctioned onto his hand, but I don't know how good he'd be at using it if that were the case. I dunno, maybe that's too nitpicky, but it just looks a little odd. Especially since he's kind of anthropomorphized already. Giving him thumbs or something like that doesn't seem too out of the realm of what you've already got.