Monday, March 24, 2014


Here's my early pass at the Dark Seraphim, the primary antagonist.


  1. Great stuff as per usual wesley! he definitely looks like he can fit in that seraphim universe. i was was just curious what the white holes are in his belly? will he be emitting light/energy from them? if so, how important is that to a lord of shadow creatures and darkness? also the bones on his forearms. They seem very uniform as if they are sprouting from a bone, but at least to me, they seem to be jutting out at an awkward angle off the ulna. it might seem cliche to have them come off like batman spikes, but it works. I'd say do that or off-set them more. making them more asymmetrical can make a creature more interesting.

    1. Thanks for the critique Andrew. The holes in his belly will be emitting some kind of light or smoke or what not. The bones on the forearms look really bad, but I was trying to make his silhouette more interesting. I'll try tweaking them

  2. This is looking pretty good. There are a couple things I'm noticing right now, though.

    Check his center line and the alignment of all the parts with it. I can't quite tell if that belt buckle thing is supposed to be off to the side or centered, and the membrane thing coming down from his ribcage also looks off-center. Also (and I don't know if this is going to stay like this once it's finished) he's looking a little symmetrical. With this kind of character, I feel like you could really push his silhouette to make it more grotesque. I feel like you have a pretty solid foundation for this guy, though.