Monday, March 24, 2014

Chelsea-Milestone 4



  1. Interesting abstraction/breakdown of the shapes. Which character is this?

  2. Chelsea, I really like this character's silhouette! Like Josh mentioned, it'd be interesting to know more about this character. I also like the expression on her face, and how you really pushed the principle of straight vs. curve on her legs. I think one suggestion I'd like to make is to continue that strong sense of straight vs. curve by maybe pushing it further on her arms. Other than that, nice job :)

  3. I like the direction this is going in, but I think there are a few things that need addressing. I think you're starting to mix aesthetics in certain places, and it's giving the character a weird feel. The face, most of the legs, and arms are all pushing closer to realism (not all the way, but in level of anatomical detail and proportion to an extent), and her hip and torso area all of a sudden becomes very exaggerated and basic. While it's interesting, I don't think it's working in your favor. I'm thinking that, given your other characters so far, you may want to err on the side of more detail in the torso area. Filling out the waist and making her chest slightly less triangular (while still keeping some angles, since I'm getting the vibe that this is a very tough, maybe mean character) would make the design more uniform.